Pressure Washing (Power Washing) Instructional Business Program, Estimating Software, and Strategy Guide
Make great money by starting your own small Pressure Washing Business.
Updated for the 2018 Pressure Washing Season

Pressure Washing Business

This Pressure Washing Business program shows you how to start a small, profitable pressure washing business.

Our pressure washing business program teaches you how to start your business, select correct pressure washing equipment, build your client list, estimate your jobs, perform pressure washing services, choose chemicals & make great money with your own
pressure washing business.

 Have you ever wanted to make money with your own small pressure washing business?
This course is SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to help you start and operate your own
small to medium-sized Pressure Washing Business.

pressure washing a concrete patio     pressure washing a house
There is nothing better than working outside at your own pace and getting paid well for it.

Our Business Experience

We started our Pressure Washing Business in the 1990s.  We quickly added commercial pressure washing equipment and advertised heavily.  Before long we were bidding industrial clients and building our customer list beyond capacity. 

We developed this business program because we were tired of seeing so many small business owners try (and fail) at starting pressure washing businesses.  The contents of this business program are designed to help you start and operate your own successful Pressure Washing Business.  We feel that offering this program makes the entire industry stronger.

Owning A Pressure Washing Business
Can Be A Rewarding Experience

Running your own pressure washing company can be rewarding both financially and personally.

Personal rewards include the ability to choose your own direction in life, determine what hours you work, and get paid lots of money for your work.  Pressure washing is a great business for anyone who is self-motivated and wants to be self-directed in life.

The amount of money you earn is determined by individual factors but as you grow (and hire employees) your potential income is virtually unlimited.

"Is Now A Good Time To
Start A Pressure Washing Business?"

As I'm writing this, we are getting ready for the 2018 Pressure Washing Season. Pressure washing contracts are being bid right now.  Customers are desperate for people to do pressure washing and other cleaning jobs.  There is lots of money to be made if you start right now.

These are the 3 main areas to make great money pressure washing:

residential: (house washing, deck & driveway cleaning, patio cleanup other small residential pressure washing services.)

commercial: (automotive fleet washing, storefronts & restaurant hoods, banks & churches, small business, etc.)

industrial: (construction equipment, plants & facilities, trucking fleets, and more)

Our program shows you how to make money offering these (and many other) power washing services with your own Pressure Washing Company.   

The pressure washing estimating software (included in our program) helps you price these jobs so you can make the best money on your pressure washing services. 

"Can I start small, scale up, and grow my business?"

Starting small is the best way to get started.

There is no compelling reason to rush out and buy $40,000 worth of pressure washing equipment.  Our strategy guide shows you how to start your business doing patios, decks, driveways, walkways, and house washing.  Business clients such as bank branches, fast food restaurants, and small office buildings will also hire you for your pressure washing services. 

As you gain experience, our bidding tutorials and estimating software will help you bid on larger scale contracts too.

"What is included with the
Pressure Washing Business Program?"

This program is a comprehensive guide to starting, operating, and expanding a Pressure Washing Business.

It comes complete with:

  • a full series of guidebooks explaining practically everything you could want to know about the pressure washing business. 

  • a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section covering the most asked questions of running this business and how to deal with problems that might arise.

  • start up guidance and a 30 day start up guide.

  • a huge manual showing you pressure washing work techniques.

  • complete advertising and marketing guidebook with step-by-step advertising examples.

  • customer relations guidebook showing you how to get more customers.

  • estimating calculator software to help you with your estimating process...perfect for small and large jobs.  This estimating software is very handy and helpful for pricing jobs.

    measuring a pressure washing job
    Measuring is important.
    We give you secret tips on the quickest way to measure jobs.
    Once you have your measurements, use the estimating software to help you deliver your price quotes quickly.

  • lists of great add-on services and pricing guides so you'll know how much to charge.

  • business and residential customer example letters and contact forms customizable for your business to use.

  • customer agreement examples that you can have your customers sign.  You should NOT be without a signed customer agreement.

  • a full-scale bidding tutorial to help you bid small AND larger jobs.

  • bidding and estimating worksheets.

  • an entire suite of forms and worksheets to help you with your bookkeeping.

  • learn which pressure washing equipment to buy.
    small pressure washer 
    Choose the right equipment - with the correct pressure washer and a medium sized surface cleaner you can make GREAT MONEY cleaning patios, driveways, and other flat-surface jobs.

    Additionally, the correct selection of wands, nozzles, and extension units will handle the majority of the jobs you will bid on.  You don't need $40,000 worth of equipment to start a pressure washing business.

    Our equipment buyer's guide shows you how to start small and add the right equipment to make the best profit with your business.


  • SUPPORT - We are happy to answer questions you might have concerning the pressure washing business.

  • Plus: there is much more included in this huge business program.


The Pressure Washing Business Program
is designed to help you:

  • start and organize your business correctly.

  • buy the correct types and brands of commercial pressure washing equipment.

  • increase your customer list with the "RIGHT" customers.

  • bid residential jobs such as patios, walks,
    house washing, vinyl siding, gutters, and windows.

  • bid larger jobs for businesses and industrial sites.

  • work on construction sites performing equipment washing and other necessary cleaning for contractors.

  • track down contract work and successfully bid those contracts.

  • learn about Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) requirements of running a Pressure Washing Business.

  • increase your productivity and decrease your expenses.

  • run your business year-round.

  • keep your business running during winter months.

  • develop great marketing strategies for late winter and early spring to get customers on your schedule ASAP.

Learn great tips too: (helpful tips keep your business running smooth)
Below are just two of the hundreds of tips you will learn in the program.

pressure washing quality errors
Learn how to avoid striations when using a pressure wand. The workbooks show you many tips on how to perform your work more professionally.

pressure washing parts
Chemical infusion hoses and pumps need special maintenance attention. Our equipment tips and tricks aid you in getting longer life out of your equipment.

ALSO: We have now added several additional manuals
free of additional charge. You will learn many details such as:

  • how to buy a client list from an existing pressure washing company.

  • how to get your customers to pay QUICKLY.

  • how to keep your business "Home Based".

  • how to deal with the "pressures" of owning your own business.

  • plus many more.

We feel we have developed the best business program available today to help you start your own Pressure Washing Business. If you have questions, EMAIL US anytime.




Please let us know if you have any questions or if you have trouble ordering:

phone: 786-309-5296

Order your Pressure Washing Business Program and receive
the Bonus Manuals absolutely free. .
All information described above is included.



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