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Google Earth and The Pressure Washing Business

In the last several years, the pressure washing industry has gone through many changes from a commercial equipment view point.  Washers are getting smaller and more powerful, hot water heated washers are more affordable, and trailerable tanks are becoming commonplace.

Sometimes, in this business, we feel that high technology leaves us behind.

Although pressure washing is hard physical work, technology has not left us behind.  You just have to know where to look for advancements that can make our business more efficient and profitable.

I have recently discovered a brand new way to search for new customers and give estimates on larger areas that need to be pressure washed.
This new innovation comes in the form of Google Earth.  (You can download Google Earth for free at:  http://earth.google.com )

One detraction from traditional advertising is that you spend too much time advertising to people who will never need your services.  If you do a direct marketing or direct mail campaign targeting one section of your community, you will find that many of the people who see your ads will not even have any surface that you can clean.  For instance, what if your ad reads that you specialize in deck and patio cleaning?  A certain portion of those who read your ad will not have a deck or a patio.  Your advertising budget is wasted on them.

This is where Google Earth comes in.
Until Google Earth came along, there was no easy method to properly determine which houses in a neighborhood had a deck or a patio.  Sure, you can drive down a street and get a decent idea of which homes have decks.  This method takes lots of time. 

If you are not familiar with Google Earth, I will explain briefly what it is.  Google Earth uses satellite imagery to give overhead views of the earth.  The resolution of the photographs is so fine that you can zoom onto individual houses.  You are normally not able to see individual people but you can see features such as decks and patios.

Using Google Earth, I have found that I can survey an entire neighborhood online to get a really good idea how many decks and patios are in the area.  When I find a street or neighborhood with a great number of decks and patios, I know that is an area I want to target with advertising either with direct mail or visiting the homes personally and leaving door hangers.  Each home owner can then call for a free pressure washing estimate.

When running a pressure washing business, it is amazing that satellite photography and computers can be such a help.

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